Vertis Media, a growth partner for Female Wellbeing

In 2016, a new term made its appearance to describe products and services that use technology to focus on women’s healthcare issues: femtech. Ida Tin, who coined the term, wished to draw attention to women and their bodies in spheres that create opportunities that start a conversation in boardrooms and businesses.

Those women, founders and CEOs in the world of femtech are combining business with the social endeavour to make information about female bodies easier to access and involve in healthcare based conversation. 



Let’s make things happen

Vertis Media’s understanding of segmentation, targeting and positioning of women’s healthcare products and services means that we have come to specialise in the potential of this market area in native advertising. Femtech has created a space where women’s health and digital health overlap and it is on the up! We want to make it our mission to ensure that Femtech is as visible as possible as more and more issues concerning women’s physical and mental wellbeing are coming to the fore. As women are increasingly being proactive about the way issues regarding their healthcare is addressed, Vertis Media, has the opportunity to provide the tools for this to happen.

What We Build For

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