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Branded Content, Natively Delivered

Native Advertising for Publishers

For Publishers

With our native solutions publishers can monetize their sites in a reader friendly way without interruption and with quality contents which are relevant and contextual to their editorial environment.

Easy and Quick Implementation

We provide the publishers with a custom tag, quick and easy to implement which integrates seamlessly into the site code or existing ad server.

Native Integration

Our native solutions seamlessly integrate into the look&feel of the site, guaranteeing that it keeps its layout and editorial style.

Real Time Control and Instant Reports

Publishers have access to a detailed dashboard to monitor campaigns, track performance, generate reports and check revenues.

Publishers - Vertis Media

our main features


Media Rating Council Standards for Viewability

Native Distribution

Ad deployment within contextual and relevant contents

True View

Clients pay only for 100% In View Ads

Cross Device Delivery

Dynamic and Fully responsive Ad Solutions