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Branded Content, Natively Delivered

Natively Delivered Content

for Advertisers

With Vertis solutions advertiser’s content is natively delivered across relevant and contextual top sites reaching interested and accurated users and generating loyal and engaged audiences.

Advanced & Relevant Targeting

Our technology analyses content in real time and algorithmically deploys dynamic Ads that are contextually and natively delivered across relevant editorial contents.

Native Creation & Distribution

Our technology ensures that Ads are created and distributed matching the editorial environment of the publisher’s pages (font, colours, layout) to ‘natively’ appear integrated into relevant content.

Cross Device Delivery

Our native solutions are responsively delivered across any desktop and mobile device, automatically and dynamically.

Advertisers - Vertis Media

our main features


Media Rating Council Standards for Viewability

Native Distribution

Ad deployment within contextual and relevant contents

True View

Clients pay only for 100% In View Ads

Cross Device Delivery

Dynamic and Fully responsive Ad Solutions